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Dance is  an expression of self and a mind-clearing practice. A fan of folk styles and fusion, I am interested in bringing together styles to find new authentic physical vocabularies.

In addition to choreographing in theatre, I dip my toes in the world of the dance regularly.

I have practiced belly dance for 19 years (traditional Egyptian, American Cabare, and fusion). I discovered contemporary dance in 2016 and it echoed  my early training in physical theatre in a way that I was immediately hooked up. Many techniques and exercises have made their way into my theatrical practices. 

Growing up in Brazil also means I was doing the samba, forro, and funk carioca as soon as I could walk. Latin styles and partner dancing will always have a special place in my heart.

I am also always eager to go outside of my comfort zone and take classes in styles that are not natural to me but that enhance the dialogue with my moving body.

I occasionally teach adult dance and movement workshops and drop-in classes.
I will share updates here as workshops open up


I am an ACTRA member and while based in Halifax, I am represented by Anchor Talent Group for Film and T.V. work. 

Please contact for screen projects.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly for stage projects.

Co-choreographed and performed with Ruby Purrl, as part of Sacred Centre Dance's Fire,  at the Royal and Macpherson in Victoria, BC (2018).

Improvised Samba-Belly dance fusion, performed as part of a Shimmy Mob fundraiser for the Cridge Transition House for Women,  (2019).



An additional creative outlet, I model for photography and life drawing.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly for modeling projects.

I am featured in Isaac Photography's book Body and Silk  and Mike McCarthy's book Chasing Waterfalls

at well as on magazines TSYM Sensual Aug 2021, n3 and Dominante Nov, 2021.

See my instagram linked to the right for more photos.


by Jimmy P. Torres, Mask by CobbleStone Leather, Halifax, 2020.


Top by Anselm Myers, Victoria, 2019, bottom by Adam O'Brien, Halifax, 2020.


by Cash Hieland, Gown by Jivan Bains-Woods Victoria, 2018

by Fabulando, Brasilia, Brazil, 2019

by Fabulando, Brasilia, Brazil, 2017

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