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Current Work

Newcomers- Halifax Theatre for Young People 

Halifax Theatre for Young People has been working on the development a series of short plays and monologues written by emerging newcomer artists.
The stories are about the experiences and challenges of youth immigrating and they are simultaneous speaking to very specific individual and cultural circumstances, as to the universal experience of finding home in a new land. We presented a stage reading of four scripts and a monologue in Stages 2022 presented by Eastern Front. We presented in the spring of 2023 and we will take this show now to Ship's Theatre and to various schools in the fall.


Great Little Works- 2b theatre

In collaboration with Jacob Samson, Luciana is working on a new piece for 2b's Great Little Works Series: "a series of intimate performances based on humanity’s greatest works of theatre and literature, each brought to life by one performer at a table. These shows are uniquely designed for this moment; shows built for small audiences, safely performable during the pandemic, producing minimal ecological impact, and maximal emotional and spiritual value."  Luciana's piece draws from one of the great pieces of the Spanish Golden age, Lope de Vega's Fuente Ovejuna. In this Great Little Work, we gather to share tapas and stories, and be inspired by the true story of the community of FuenteOvejuna.

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