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"A one act play, in a park by the sea, made for you, by us, with love and magic. "

By Gillian Clark

Co-Directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes and Christian Barry

Presented by Keep Good Theatre in as part of Shakespeare by the Sea's "By the Sea Series"

Performed at Point Pleasant Park,
August 24-29, 2021. 

Photography: Stoo Metz and Zach Faye
Featuring: Ann-Marie Kerr

Scenic Design: Garrett Barker

Lighting Design and Stage Management: Gloria Mok 

Sound Design and Original Composition: Jackson Fairfax Perry

Costume Design: Andrea Ritchie

Production management: Patricia Vinluan and Zach Faye

Accessibility Coordination: Sara Graham


Photo of the space by Christian Barry

Adventures - Keep Good Company - Stoo Metz-108 copy.JPG

Very loosely inspired by Peter Pan, in Adventures, PJ gets Wendy pregnant (and well, it sucks). This play is about flying and falling-- and about magic. A paradoxical world that is simultaneously full and completely devoid of hope.


To quote playwright Gillian Clark "I do believe that most of the magic is in the act of actually telling this story together. That us, gathering in a tiny corner of the woods, to believe in the power of storytelling and community for a hot sec is absolute complete fucking magic."

This was the first show I managed to open after a year of covid cancelations and indeed, coming out of isolation, the magic of gathering was particularly palpable.

Our goal was to embrace the simple magic of story telling through the powerful honesty of AMK and Gillian,  and the magic of mother tree, both the character and of the beautiful tree in Point Pleasant Park. Our goal was to allow them to shine, and to perhaps amplify (though never impose) on the magic of all that is raw and honest.

Photo by Stoo Metz

"When I went to Keep Good (theatre)'s play 'Adventures' earlier this week, I'm not sure what I was expecting-- but I wasn't ready for it to be the best piece of theatre I've ever seen. It's a bit of magic by the light of the Moon."

"“Go forward, one step at a time, in the darkness,” Kerr’s Mother Tree says. The audience winds its way back to the park entrance (guided by flashlights doled out by the theatre company, with the option of being transported by golf cart for greater accessibility). We spill from the parking lot towards our homes and lives, thinking of PJ and Wendy and recalling when we first wondered if magic was real, after all. Above, a dusty rose-coloured moon hangs in the sky, reminding us that it is, and was, and always will be.

Read more at:

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