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Artist Bio

Luciana is a director who also acts, dances, and occasionally models. She is a restless nomad: born and raised in Brazil, most recently she can be found hopping between coasts, alternating residency between BC and NS.

She concluded her MFA in Directing at UBC (2020) with the support of a SSHRC grant, and also holds a Theatre Studies and English degree from Dalhousie (2012).

Luciana joined Neptune Theatre in 2018-19 for the Chrysalis project as a Director and is now working with 2b theatre as their emerging artist in residency (2020-22). She is also a board member for Eastern Front Theatre.

She is fueled by spite and care.

Her work focuses (most often) on (re)claiming classical and canonized materials and embracing marginalized perspectives. She has worked on a selection of Elizabethan/Jacobean tragedies staged with a contemporary sensitivity and has also been developing techniques to create expressionistic movement adaptations of classical text. 

She was the Artistic Director for Taboo Theatre in Halifax (2014-2016): an independent company dedicated to boundary pushing work. She is now starting Maenad's Theatre: a company dedicated on the creation of  inclusive expressionist new works inspired by classical texts.

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